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Harassment, Toxic Cultures and the Role of Compliance
December 4, 2017, Joel Katz | There is often a debate within companies about whether something is a “legal” or “compliance” issue as opposed to a “business” issue.

Ethical Leadership: The Pathway to Organizational Integrity
November 30, 2017, Brink News | In the last five years, corporate directors in the U.S. and Canada have come down hard on CEOs responsible for ethics infringements in their organizations.

Identifying and Training Ethical Leaders
November 28, 2017, Training Industry | The Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) recently released a report, “Ethical Leadership Around the World and Why It Matters,” as part of its Global Business Ethics Survey. Among the results, researchers found that ethical leadership is key to lowering ethics and compliance risk.

Anti-Fraud Collaboration encourages reporting on financial misconduct
November 16, 2017, Accounting Today | The report cites a recent survey from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative that found 22 percent of global workers reported pressure to compromise their standards.

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Emmanuel Lulin 

September 26th is National Compliance Officer Day. For the next few weeks, ECI will be highlighting a number of our members in celebration of their contribution to our industry.

A conversation with Emmanuel Lulin and David Childers, Senior Vice President, ECI.

David Childers: Emmanuel, you lead the compliance efforts for a global brand. How did your interest in ethics and compliance as a career develop?

Emmanuel Lulin: My interest in ethics and compliance is long-standing and developed over time. Already as a child, I felt ...

View conversation with Emmanuel.

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