The Late Carol Marshall, an Admired Leader in Business Ethics, Is Named Recipient of ERC's 2009 Pace Award

January 20, 2010

Arlington, Va. -- Carol Marshall, a former Ethics Resource Center board member and business ethics leader at Lockheed Martin and MCI has been named posthumously as the recipient of the 2009 Pace Award, ERC President Patricia J. Harned announced.

Mrs. Marshall, an attorney and dedicated promoter of ethics in business for almost a quarter-century, died on Sept. 21 of pancreatic cancer at Washington Center Hospice in Washington, D.C. She was 56.

General Dynamics and ERC launched the award in 1999 in recognition of Stanley C. Pace, former CEO and chairman of General Dynamics. The award honors an individual, or group of individuals, recognized as having unwavering integrity and having demonstrated moral vision and the ability to translate that vision into specific goals.

Mrs. Marshall is the first woman named as a Pace recipient and the first to be honored posthumously.  Her husband, Frank Marshall, accepted the award on her behalf at a meeting of the ERC Fellows Program in Washington, D.C.

"In many ways Carol helped shape what is now known as the ethics and compliance industry," Harned said. "She led an effort to find innovative ways to inspire employees to recognize and uphold a set of corporate standards, resulting in the cascade approach to training that is commonplace today.  She advised the growth of several consulting and nonprofit groups that are leaders in our industry.  Carol also felt deeply that ethical conduct is taught by example.  She invested many hours advising business executives, and she also mentored many professionals in the ethics industry."   

Mrs. Marshall began her career in 1981 with Lockheed Corporation and later became general counsel of Lockheed Shipbuilding Co. in Seattle. When Lockheed merged with Martin Marietta in 1986, she was named vice president of ethics and business conduct.  She was known for creating a game, "The Ethics Challenge," that incorporated the cartoon character Dilbert to teach the importance of ethics to Lockheed Martin's 140,000 employees.

Mrs. Marshall served as senior vice president for ethics and business conduct at MCI starting in 2003, and later formed her own consulting firm, the Marshall Group.  She served on ERC's board from 2005 to 2007 and was chair of ERC's Fellows Program.

Previous recipients of the Pace Award are Transparency International; Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former CEO of Royal Dutch/Shell; Ira Lipman, CEO of Guardsmark, LLC; John E. Pepper, former CEO and chairman of Proctor & Gamble; Norman Augustine, former chairman of Lockheed Martin; Aaron Feuerstein, retired president, CEO and chairman of Malden Mills; Charles Bowsher, former comptroller general of the United States; Stephen Potts, former associate counsel to President George W. Bush, and Jean Paul Agon, CEO of L'Oreal.

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